Have you ever had a loan, credit card or mortgage with Halifax?

You could be owed £1,000s in PPI compensation if Halifax mis-sold you PPI.

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Do I qualify for a Halifax PPI claim?

Have you had a Halifax loan or credit card?
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If you answered YES to both questions, Halifax could owe you:

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A full refund of interest charged.
Compensation interest.
Even if you have already repaid your account in full!

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Valid PPI claims are settled within 60 days.

A PPI claim becomes valid from the date of receipt of an acceptable offer from Halifax.

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Halifax, a division of the Bank of Scotland who are owned by Lloyds Banking Group are one of the largest providers of residential mortgages and savings accounts.

Halifax is a distinguished name in UK retail banking, but Halifax had its part in the PPI mis-selling scandal. Halifax mis-sold PPI on mortgages, credit cards and personal loans.

We do not know the exact figure Halifax has set aside for PPI mis-selling, but we do know that Lloyds have put aside a huge £5.3 billion for PPI compensation. This figure includes all the institutions and branches of Lloyds Banking Group, nonetheless Halifax will account for a hefty proportion of this amount.

Halifax continued to sell PPI until 2010, longer than many of its competitors, which may result in a higher PPI mis-selling fund.

Below are a few Halifax PPI Mis-Selling factors:

  • Were you aware that Halifax PPI was optional? Halifax should of gave you the option of taking payment protection insurance (PPI).
  • Were you led to believe that having Halifax PPI would assist your borrowing approval? You should of been informed that taking PPI would have no bearing on your borrowing approval.
  • Were you told that you had the right to cancel Halifax PPI within 30 days? Halifax should of informed you have the right to cancel the PPI within 30 days.
  • Did Halifax enquire if you already had PPI? Halifax should of enquired to whether you already had some form of payment protection insurance in place.
  • Did Halifax explain that they were adding PPI to your policy? Halifax should of informed you that PPI was being added to your credit agreement AND ask you whether you needed PPI or not.
  • Was the cost of Halifax PPI explained to you? Halifax should of explained the cost/repayments of PPI.

If any of the questions above are relevant to you there is a possibility you were mis-sold PPI by Halifax.